CLOSE MORE CLIENTS in 20-40% less time.
GROW YOUR BUSINESS as they sell themselves on you.

We shift your message.
You capture the conscious and unconscious attention of your market.

Suddenly, your prospects and customers “get it.” And they want it.

You close more clients and customers, faster. Online and Off.

How I Can Help You

It’s Not What You Say, It’s What They Hear

anne-convery-consultant“I can’t explain what I do so that my prospects understand it,” is the No. 1 complaint I hear from CEOs, entrepreneurs, and service providers.

No wonder. We weren’t taught to self-promote. Nearly everyone has some form of this problem.

I work with you, on two levels, to re-word your pitch, introduction, speech, or any communication you have.

Your “What’s-In-It-For-Me?” Story

We create messages that are all about your customer or prospect.

These brief stories capture their attention within 30-60 seconds.

This is not about your elevator pitch. This is about capturing immediate attention.

Then we focus that attention with sound bites, numbers, and stories, right up until your customer is ready to buy, sign, or engage with you.

Your Secret Sauce

We embed simple neuromarketing techniques in every message or narrative you deliver. These techniques target the ancient, reptilian, “Lizard” brain in your audience.
The Lizard Brain triggers every decision we make.

Therefore, you’ll be talking to the “decision-maker” every time you pitch, present, speak, network, or follow-up.

Capture and Keep Their Attention

You keep prospects, customers and colleagues intrigued and compelled to say Yes — in every professional encounter.

You gain more recognition, customers, clients and business. Fast.

Because they’re engaged. They’re hooked. They care.

“The product I received was exactly what I needed — how to communicate the value of my app in a few short sentences — and make it urgent that you download it. It was a practical deliverable: we’ll be using exactly what Ann gave us in the iTunes App Store and the various Android stores.”

—Mark Jeffrey, Serial Technology Entrepreneur, CTO/CPO/CEO, www.markjeffrey.biz

“Using Ann’s system to communicate the value to our business partners at a Fortune 200 company resulted in over $8 million of sales in less than 6 months to mutual clients nationally. I have even used these techniques to ‘Speak my VALUE in 30 seconds or less’ during the job interview process… Amazing results.”

—Joseph Occhino, Client Development Consultant at Towers Watson’s One Exchange

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