Deliver a “Done For You” Message and Attract More Prospects & Customers

attract more prospects

George is networking, repeating his business message and hoping that this time, someone will come up and ask him about his IT firm. Actually, his colleagues have heard George 10 times already this year, and they know what he does.

George: “We specialize in developing innovative social media and online marketing campaigns to build brand awareness and drive targeted website traffic.”


They can safely write him off, since they don’t realize they need his service.

They’re not being rude. We all have such crazy demands on our attention that we need to filter out everything and everyone who is not immediately relevant.


George’s 2 Big Mistakes

Mistake #1.
George is listing all the things he can do for his clients. Rather like laying out a buffet, he’s itemizing all the great things his company offers.

The mistake is that this is not what his audience wants to hear.

They want to hear what he can do for them.

Mistake #2.
George is talking about his service, not his results.

George is assuming that everyone will figure out how much they can make or save by working with him.

This is a leap that no one will make. They won’t “get it” unless he tells them.

George is assuming too much.

It’s like trying to win the Indie 500 on a skateboard.


Create a “Done For You” Message and Light Up the Room

If George does the math, and figures out how much he can make or save his average client, and then puts it into a simple “results” story, he will get a very different response. Particularly if he tells a success story about one client.

Here’s his second message, which got a very different response:

“Did you know — your website can increase your business 10-20% a month?

We worked with an attorney who was averaging $25K a month. With an increase of just 10% a month, he made $27,500 the second month, $30,250 the third month, and 12 months later, he generated over $630,000 in revenue. That’s just a 10% increase per month. Sound interesting?

You probably don’t need a new site. But you may need new tools. If your website does not increase your business by 10-20% a month, call me and I’ll tell you why.”

This is a “Done for You” message. George did all the math for his audience. Now they know that 10% a month at 25K a month will bring them around $600,000.00 in a year.

When George does the math, right in front of his listeners, it’s an exciting ride.

George’s message is now much more interesting, tempting, and mouth-watering than “We specialize in developing innovative social media and online marketing campaigns.”


If You Can’t Do the Math

You may be thinking, “I can’t possibly do that type of pitch for my business.” Perhaps not, but there are many ways of “doing the homework,” or sharing your value.

Ask a provocative question, and then tell a success story of one of your clients, so your audience can see exactly how it works. Let them hear the results.

If you can’t reveal the math, then you can 1) tell the percentages, time or money saved or 2) tell a story, closely resembling one of your clients, with Before and After results. Then you can use those numbers.

When you deliver your results with numbers attached, you are clearly telling your audience “what’s in it for them.” This is the #1 topic they are interested in.

It is also the #1 rule of the Lizard Brain, the part of the brain that makes all decisions – such as the decision to ask you for more information, a call, or a meeting.

This is what a great Done For You message can accomplish – in a minute or two.

Try it out the next time you introduce your business.

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