Pitch the Lizard Brain: 
Enroll More Fans, Customers and Investors


Micky was rolling the dice – he carefully plotted to run into a certain venture capitalist and deliver what he believed was a whopper pitch, which would dazzle the guy and fund Micky’s billion-dollar idea. Micky would be better off rolling the dice at The Bellagio.   Micky’s First Pitch “It’s a flash commerce transportation service for immediate transport needs. … Read More

Deliver a “Done For You” Message and Attract More Prospects & Customers

attract more prospects

George is networking, repeating his business message and hoping that this time, someone will come up and ask him about his IT firm. Actually, his colleagues have heard George 10 times already this year, and they know what he does. George: “We specialize in developing innovative social media and online marketing campaigns to build brand awareness and drive targeted website … Read More

If You Can’t Open, You Can’t Close

Dan was hurting for clients. A terrific business consultant and one of the top sales trainers out there, Dan’s work impressed people. But too many of them “disappeared” somewhere before or after the sales conversation. Dan read books on closing, he took courses on closing, he even practiced closing with his wife until his wife told him “Enough already!” Dan … Read More

The #1 Monster That Kills Your Business

This article was born from a fascinating discussion with Howie Jacobson, author of Adwords for Dummies, brilliant leadership coach, alternative lifestyle ambassador and roving genius. What is perhaps the single biggest thing that stops you in business? Overwhelm Attacks. This is frequently a trauma response. It kills initiative. In men it looks like, “I don’t know what to do, or … Read More

How to Make Success “Come” to You

“You don’t need to go to the mountain, because the mountain is willing and able to come to you. But will it actually come to you? Yes, but only if you meet two conditions. The mountain will pick itself up and move all the way to where you are if you make a lot of room for it and if … Read More

How Spielberg, Lady Gaga and 5 Others Used Failure to Get to Success

  What if the secret to success, is failure? Falling down and getting up, falling down and getting up, until you’re flying? Take a look at these legends below. They didn’t frame failure as “failure” – just a speed bump. How do you frame it? J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter) A welfare single mom, she sketched out Harry Potter in pubs … Read More

6 Perks Your High-End Clients Will Thank You For

Would you rather work with ten $20,000 clients or eighty $2500 clients? Yes, I said eighty. The question is kind of no-brainer, isn’t it? High-end clients. They’re the bedrock of a lucrative, less time-consuming business. But how do you get them? How do you keep them? Filling your business with high-end clients requires focus, skill and smarts. But here’s a start-up guide. … Read More