I Bet You Don’t Have Time To Read This (Or to Double Your Income)

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“I don’t have time.” “A day off? Are you kidding?” “I can give you 5 minutes.” Years ago, I used to say these things. Looking at them now horrifies me. What kind of person “has no time”? Someone who believes in lack, in poverty consciousness. Someone who’s kidding themselves. Someone who wants to know how to double your income- but … Read More

3 Signs You’re About to Make More Money

3 months ago I was preparing for a huge JV.   Up til midnight, 18-hour days, crunch time. I vaguely noticed that my prospects were forgetting to call, and opportunities I’d lined up weren’t happening. I rescheduled the JV. Like magic, new clients appeared out of nowhere. Prospects started calling. I got a request for a corporate training and a radio … Read More

I nearly blew it last week.

Maybe it’s the crazy weather, but I nearly blew it big-time last week. I was writing emails for a big Joint Venture, and I was thrilled with all the new stuff I had to teach people. Then 2 days later I re-read the email, and said in disgust, “Ann, head’s up. They. Don’t. Care.” People buy Paris. The don’t buy … Read More

4 Kinds of Too Expensive

Have you ever come to the end of a great prospect call and heard, “I’d love to, but it’s too expensive.” Jerri was superb coach and trainer, but selling made her nervous. Whenever she heard, “It’s too expensive, ”Jerri made the rookie mistake of talking back to her prospect. Rookie Mistakes: “Not when you compare the value you’ll be getting.” … Read More

5 Chill Pills for Smoother, Faster Success-How to Succeed In Sales

This week’s story is about how our industry promotes anxiety, because anxiety sells. And it also can kill your business. 5 Chill Pills Sherrie was a great business coach who showed her clients how to be successful and happy at the same time. Personally, Sherrie was a basket case. She knew what she had to do to run a successful … Read More

5 Success Secrets for the Right-Brained Only

Happy mid-January, and I wish you all a dash of California weather. Actually it’s weird to be shopping for vegetables at the farmer’s market in a tank top. Somehow my Jersey roots say there ought to be snow and ice, and I have to EARN my Spring. Having to EARN your success is one of the best ways to sabotage … Read More

9 Secrets to Mesmerizing Presence

It’s gorgeous back here in Bucks County with the snow on the ground and the pale white-breasted hawks hunting in the woods. They are so stunning I can’t take my eyes off them. Would you like to be that stunning? Would you like to be yourself, be successful, and be that stunning? Here are 9 secrets to Mesmerizing Presence (and … Read More

The Real Secret to Webinars that Sell

I hope your Thanksgiving was terrific, and if you’re not in the U.S., Bon Appetit anyway! We had a blast. It was too cold for turkey on the beach, so we dined on brined turkey, braised arugula, and other treats, cooked by 3 professional chef-friends. Naturally, I ate too much vegan chocolate and ended up totally wired at 3:00 a.m. … Read More

If You Can’t Open, You Can’t Close

Dan was hurting for clients. A terrific business consultant and one of the top sales trainers out there, Dan’s work impressed people. But too many of them “disappeared” somewhere before or after the sales conversation. Dan read books on closing, he took courses on closing, he even practiced closing with his wife until his wife told him “Enough already!” Dan … Read More