No One’s Listening- How to Succeed In Business Communication and Make More Money

Communication.  In many cases, people meet, tell each other what they do, the pattern recognitions take over, and NO BUSINESS COMMUNICATION HAS TAKEN PLACE. Someone tells you she’s a realtor, you think… You know everything about what she does. You don’t need one, and You stop listening. You’re polite, you smile and nod, but you’ve stopped listening. Again: no business … Read More

3 Ways to Capture More Clients in 5 Minutes

When I talk about Follow-Ups, I mean the words you say after you say hello. But only top-drawer sales masters really use these techniques. Why not borrow them? You know the phrase “the sale is in the follow-up”? Well, landing your prospect is in the follow-up too. A good series of follow-up lines, that you’ve practiced and have ready when … Read More

If You Want More Business, Don’t Reassure Your Prospects

It’s counter-intuitive, but NOT reassuring your prospects will bring you more business. BE COMFORTABLE, BUT DON’T COMFORT YOUR PROSPECTS. What? How can you be comfortable without comforting people? And why should you behave this way? Because they need to feel comfortable with you, but if you comfort them, you are dissolving their need to work with you. And if you … Read More