What Happened When Jerry Seinfeld Bombed Onstage– How to turn Failure to Success


Missed opportunities. .. Did you know that failure was the #1 fear of entrepreneurs?

It nearly took Jerry Seinfeld out.

Here are a few “failure” thoughts and how to turn them around.

The Clever Fraud

“What if my client knows I’m sleeping on my brother’s couch?! I feel like a fraud!”

I haven’t met a successful entrepreneur who hasn’t felt like an impostor at some point.  My friend Jon is a $500K global consultant, who jokingly refers to himself as a “clever fraud.”

My friend Jeanne built a $2M business in her bedroom while raising 3 kids. Her Fortune 500 clients still don’t know the actual address of her office.

If you feel you need another degree, more experience or more anything to deliver your service, you don’t.

All you need is to deliver your excellent service, and ignore the voice in your head that is trying to take you out.

And let your clients be the judge.

“But My Launch Bombed”

OK, your email campaign died, your product didn’t get a response, the sale didn’t happen, your prospect didn’t call back…so what.

A 10M guru (you would know the name) said to her vice president, “You know, 80% of the stuff we do around here flops.  It’s a good thing 20% of it works.”

She went from burned-out office drudge to 10M business guru.

She didn’t let “failure” stop her.

Jerry Seinfeld

The first time Jerry Seinfeld walked on-stage at a comedy club as a professional comic, he looked out at the audience, froze, and forgot the English language.

He was jeered offstage.

He returned the following night and closed his set to wild applause.

He never quit.

3 Failure Turn-Arounds.

Failure isn’t failure, if you think like Thomas Edison, who said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

In Silicon Valley, they brag about their failures.

True! If you haven’t failed, you haven’t got your feet wet.

Here are 3 failure turn-arounds that will get you out of deep-freeze mode and into action.

1. Fail small. Fail fast.

Don’t make it life or death. Send out an email or post and see if it works. Have a pre-launch.

Have a beta-program.

Brad Szollose, who wrote “Liquid Leadership,” says Millennials were raised on video games, in which the only way to succeed was to fail again and again. That’s why Millennials work so much faster than Boomers – they fail fast. Boomers need to be “perfect” – which can take forever, if you let it.

2. Set tiny goals. Really little ones.

Your brain may ridicule you, but you will actually re-wire your brain for success.

A six-figure author told a young writer, “Write 20 minutes a day.” When the young writer protested that 20 minutes wouldn’t do anything, the famous author replied, “You’d be amazed at how much I can write in 20 minutes a day.”

3. Reward yourself.

Jerry Seinfeld is the highest-paid comedian in the world. He writes more jokes than anyone else. How?

Each January he gets a calendar and hangs it on the wall. He writes jokes every day.

When he’s done, he marks that day with a big red “X”.

The idea is not to write jokes. The idea is collect an unbroken string of red “X”’s.

I use this technique and find it astonishingly effective.  It is a great way to help yourself through that path from failure to success.

I want those red “X”s, so I do what I need to do to get them?

Seinfeld on failure:

“Keep your head up in failure. And your head down in success.”

What if failure was the real secret to success?

Stay tuned to see how world-class icons and super-stars turned failure into stunning success.

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