A Hot Meal, Safe Bed and Warm Socks – Why they boost your client roll, and are steps towards happy clients

warm socks

During the holidays, I got a lot of catalogues and requests for donations.

Here are two donation requests.  Which one would you choose?

1.  “Make a difference this Holiday.”

2.  “Give a hot meal, safe bed and warm socks.”

I ripped open the second one.  Why?

Because I could see the hot meal, safe bed and warm socks.

But more.  I didn’t just see them, I could feel them.

I could smell the meal, I could feel the bed covers and the fuzzy socks.

But this isn’t an article about fuzzy socks.  It’s about what makes you act, and what doesn’t.

In one line, that unknown copywriter hit all my “buy buttons,” and knew what steps to take to eventually make me a happy client:

Here are the buttons he hit, and ten more juicy, gotta-read-it headlines:

  1. I saw “what’s in it for me”, because these things  made me feel good.
  2. The big gap between a homeless life and my own stirred me deeply.
  3. A hot bed and warm socks are street language. “Make a difference” makes me think, and I NEVER spontaneously act when I have to think first.  (No one does.)
  4. I could see that bed and those socks.  Again, I didn’t have to think.
  5. I was moved.  I felt warm, compassionate, and caring towards people I didn’t even know.  My feelings were on high alert. I wrote the check, again, without thinking.

Do you think these 8 valuable words did their job?

How does your marketing stack up?

Here are some more juicy headlines I stole from magazines.

See if they light up your “I want more” buttons:

  • Bradley Cooper Has Balls! (calm down, he’s playing pool)
  • Guru Syndrome: Why the Rich Love to Be Told What to Do
  • Big-Time Poker with Leo, Ben and Toby!
  • What Does the Vatican Have to Hide?
  • Cougar Nights in Silicon Valley
  • Barbarians at the Dinner Table: Why Eating Out is so Incredibly Annoying These Days
  • Thousands of Guys Reveal What Really Flips Their Switches
  • The Most Dangerous Thing a Girl Can Say Yes to

How can words like these boost your client roll?

Because they speak directly to the brain that buys.

Or clicks through, or asks for more.

People buy in, or choose you, from a feeling state.

These headlines bypass thinking, which slows down the process.

Or worse, stops it altogether.

No, you don’t want emotionally panting morons to robotically buy your offers.

But there is a subtle process that everyone, even the Einsteins among us, goes through to get what they want.

And it has to do with

  • “What’s in it for me”
  • A Big Gap
  • Street Language.
  • Seeing the Picture
  • Feelings on High Alert

Ultimately, people will sign with you because of how you made them feel.  Even after they’ve looked you over and thought about it.

And to enroll a client, a number of feelings are involved.

To entroll a client, and keep them a happy client, involves even more feelings.

But getting their attention is the first step.

So how do you make them feel?

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