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The Lizard Brain is our ancient, 450,000-year-old survival brain, also called the reptilian brain.
And now we know – this is the brain that calls the shots.

This is the brain that buys.

Your Critical 8 Seconds

Does capturing the interest of your prospect in 8 seconds seem improbable? Impossible?

► Then why do advertisers pay tens of millions for a 30-second spot on the Super Bowl?

► Why do web designers try to capture our attention, so we’ll stay longer than 2 seconds on a Home Page?

Malcom Gladwell is right. We live in a “Blink” society. And capturing someone’s attention in 8 seconds is not only possible for everyone in business. It’s essential. And profitable.

To do this, you need a Lizard Brain message.

lizard brain marketing

When did you stop reading Ted’s message?

Are you clear about what Tom can do for you, if you hire him? Would you like to drive more leads and sales in 14 days?

The second message is a Lizard Brain message. It is short, casual, provocative, and shows an impressive Before-and After result. It’s very clear “What’s in it for Me.”

That’s the No. 1 rule of the Lizard Brain.

Talk to the Decision-Maker, Not the Thinker

  • Connector.

    We buy, or engage,

    from the Lizard Brain, the decision-maker.

  • Connector.

    If you talk to the “thinking” brain

    and lay out all your professional credentials, your audience will do just what you’re asking them to do – think.

  • Connector.

    Unless you have struck a chord,

    they will probably decide not to contact you.

    Why? Because you haven’t asked them to.

    The superior advantage of targeting the Lizard Brain is that you are asking them to decide to engage with you — without asking.

    You are just telling stories.

What’s Neuromarketing?

Lizard brain techniques are based in neuromarketing, the science of why people buy.

It’s about stimulating your prospect’s brain to receive your message.

It’s simple. And it works.

(It’s not NLP. That’s a method to replace negative, limiting beliefs with positive thoughts and behaviors.)

5 Rules

There are 5 rules for reaching the Lizard Brain that are non-negotiable. We rebrand your communication using these 5 rules, and a dozen other techniques, and you get immediate and more powerful results.

You can engage prospects faster and more often. There is no “waiting” period. When your message works, you will see a visible difference.

When you follow the rules of the Lizard Brain, you can attract significantly more prospects, sign more clients, and bring in more business.

Putting Lizard-Speak to Work

Here are four of the most popular ways to use “Lizard Speak.”

Business Introductions

When you follow the rules of the Lizard Brain, your prospects and customers want to hear more. They want more of you and what you offer. They enjoy repeating your message, because it’s so easy. They become fully engaged. And they begin to sell themselves on you, without thinking.

Pitches for Serial Technology Entrepreneurs

When you need to pitch your service or product, you need at least two pitches in your pocket. The first is a casual pitch to enroll as many customers and users as possible. The Lizard Brain pitch is a superb tool for capturing full-frontal attention, and enrolling customers and fans. And when you pitch investors, you may have 1-3 minutes. You want the Lizard Brain on your side.

Sales Conversion

Using Lizard Brain stories in your sales conversation can allow you to sign more clients, more easily. You can use the rules of the Lizard Brain to engage your prospect in ways that make you “the only choice.” The entire conversation becomes a close. And both you and your new client enjoy it.

Speeches and Presentations

Using Lizard Brain stories, sound bites and other techniques in your speech or presentation can reap rich rewards. You can deepen the bond between you and your audience during your entire presentation. When you speak or present, you gain new leads and clients, not just applause.

Go Lizard. You may never go back.

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