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Increase your closing rate with ease and authenticity.

If you’re not converting the clients you’d like,
chances are you’re not “setting up the call” to make it
easy on you – and your prospective clients.


Do any of these thoughts ring a bell?

  • I’m good at selling, but I jump the gun and lose the client
  • I don’t know how to handle the tension – mine or theirs
  • I tend to teach too much, and I lose the sale
  • I save the selling part until the end, because it makes me nervous
  • I hate sounding salesy, so I just offer my service
  • If I have a great service, then why don’t people get how much they need me?
  • I can tell I’ve lost their interest but I don’t know how to get it back
  • I don’t know how to answer objections
  • I’m just not a rainmaker

Discover a “Pre-Frame” technique that will make your sales calls 50% easier. And this happens before your prospect ever picks up the phone. Use the “Pre-Frame” technique to effortlessly talk to your prospect. Watch how easily they open up to you, because they want the information you have. You will find yourself enjoying the call, which relaxes you and your prospect.

You’ll find out what to do if they start to wander, why most objections are just a smokescreen, and how to find the real reason they may be afraid to sign with you. And you’ll know exactly how to handle it.

Once again, you won’t be selling. Your prospects will be intrigued, curious, and they’ll be pre-disposed to sign with you, because this technique allows them to “test-drive” you before they sign.

We offer a system that will transform the way you offer and conduct your sales calls.

Once again, your stories sell for you. So you don’t have to.

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“She gets to the essence of what I’m trying to communicate.”

08_karen-leland_71291-845x684“The best part about working with Ann is how quickly she gets to the essence of what I’m trying to communicate. Working with her I’ve discovered how to organize my messages to make it easy for potential clients to see the value I bring quicker and easier. I would recommend Ann to anyone who wants to increase their closing rate with ease and authenticity.”

—Karen Leland
CEO, Sterling Marketing Group

“My closing rate is now 90%.”

tali“Before working with Ann, my rate of success at “closing a deal” during an initial consult was unpredictable and spotty. After working with Ann, my closing rate is 90%.”

—Tali Klapach,
Klapach and Klapach

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