Pitching for Serial Technology Entrepreneurs

Win more customers with your Lizard Brain pitch.

How’s Your Pitch?
Get High-Voltage Response for Your App, Service or Product

Fascinate your customers. In 8-20 seconds.

Focus them on your offer. In 1-2 minutes.

Fast-Track their decision. So they sell themselves on you.


You don’t just want to pitch your idea.

You want a physical response. You want to make someone’s eyes widen, you want to make his mouth water.
You want her heart-rate to go up.

To do that…

You want to Go Lizard.

You want to use the tools of the Lizard Brain to reach your customers in 8 seconds, grab their attention and keep it.

5 Things You Need to Know:

1. Using the Lizard Brain rules can increase your response rate by 10-50% or more. This means more interest, more buzz, more excitement, more followers.

2. We work with people who’ve developed their apps or service, when they are about to pitch to investors and users for feedback.

3. This is not just your elevator pitch – it’s about starting with your elevator pitch, and having all your follow-up sound bites until they are ready to buy in to your idea.

4. This is not your investment pitch. We teach a separate system when you’re ready to make your investment pitch.

5. Using a Lizard Brain pitch can increase response rates for a b2b, b2c and Enterprise level app, service or product.

Strategy – Creation – Deliverables

You may have your story in writing. But if you are not getting the results you want, you do not yet have it in effective language.

You may be talking, but they can’t hear you.

When you Go Lizard, you communicate the value of your idea, service or product in a 3-sentence story.

And you make it urgent.

Your customer needs to hear more, know more, or download your app — now.
Here’s how.


We strategize with you to speak to the pain and the desire of your target customer.

You need to pitch your idea so that you get more invested replies: “tell me more,” “let’s talk,” or “let’s meet.”

We will single out 5 of your “best success” stories that will put your customer into the future as you talk (not a place the brain normally goes). Their future, with your solution, in the right language, will allow you to close your customer on your idea. Your fans and followers will grow.

Here’s what we need to know:

  • Who is your target customer?
  • What do they want badly enough to grab the solution when they see it?
  • What do they want that they don’t know what want? (Ignore what they need, no one buys what they need.)
  • How badly do they want this?
  • What is keeping them frustrated, struggling, up at night, irritated?
  • If they need something and don’t know it, how do you make them want it?
  • Imagine the greatest success story of your customer. What happens?
  • What is the transformation your solution creates?
  • Why is your customer so happy with your solution?

  • How much time and money will they save?
  • What further (“softer”) transformations does your solution offer – relief from worry, more time with friends and family, more ease, fun, security?
  • What is the future dream your solution creates, and can your customer see that without thinking?
  • People buy Paris, not the plane that takes them there. What is Paris, to your customer?
  • What Before and After numbers will help your customer make an instant decision?


We focus on your target customers and create the language that speaks to each one.

  • Three 1-2 sentence grabbers that will snap your customer out of their customary trance state and into avid focus on you and what you are offering.
  • The words that will pull them out of their thinking brain and into their “Lizard brain,” where they “get” what you say without having to think.
  • The clear “what’s in it for me” phrase that will instantly awaken the “Lizard Brain” in your customer.
  • The “gap phrase” that will create an emotional desire for your product before you’ve finished the sentence.
  • The street language that will speak directly to the Lizard Brain, which triggers every decision your customers make.
  • The monetized (money made or saved) and quantified (time saved, pounds lost, peace gained) numbers your solution will produce. Numbers electrify your customer. They will remember the numbers longer than almost any other element of your conversation.
  • The stories that will trigger anticipation in your customer, which can flood their brain with dopamine.
  • We delete the fluff in your presentation that will put the Lizard Brain on “hibernate” in seconds, and cause a dangerous loss of attention that you can feel but not see.
  • We delete the “unhearable words” in your presentation, which again will cause instant loss of attention.
  • We identify your trigger words, which carry unconscious emotional power, and reach the Lizard Brain faster.
  • We create up to 9 “Sound Bites,” which are 1-3 sentence success stories about your solution, which you insert into the conversation. These are the bait that will solidly hook your customer, when delivered well.
  • You discover how your Sound Bites can be used verbatim across all marketing platforms. They are seductive and created to induce a state of heightened anticipation and desire.
  • You will learn how to elicit the emotion that will move your customer toward you. You do not have to feel – they do.
  • You will discover how to keep your customer in a state of anticipation, which produces dopamine in their brain, a highly desirable outcome for you.
  • You will know why and how to arouse intense interest, curiosity, desire and a little anxiety for what you have, and to keep your customer in that state until you have made the appointment, the sale, or your goal.
  • You will learn why emotion is the only delivery system to the Lizard brain, and how to employ it across the board in all your product communications (verbal, written, website, social media) with your ideal customers.
  • Remember, you don’t have to feel. They do.


We document and deliver your 3 Grabbers and up to 9 Sound Bites for each targeted customer. We will show you:

How to deliver this conversation, in a way that provokes maximum curiosity, interest and desire for your product.

Exactly how to take your customer from “Control” mode into “Control Tension” mode, the only mode from which your customer will make a move toward you, and ask, or buy.

  • How to create tension, how to leave the tension hanging there, as you subtly increase the desire for your product.
  • How to keep your customer in Control Tension Mode (the state from which they buy) from “Hello” up to the sale, the deal, or your goal.
  • How to control your own anxiety so that you don’t talk too much, which will leave your customer “neurologically full” and unable to consume more (“That’s great! I’ll think about it”.)
  • When to stop talking after you deliver your new stories, and why.
  • How to allow your customers to sell themselves on you, without interference from you.
  • When to stop teaching, which kills the urge in your customer to move forward.
  • How to segue to your stories when your customer hijacks the conversation.
  • How to leave them 25% hungry for more information, on every encounter, online or off, until the sale, deal, or end-goal is reached.
  • How to apply all of this content, timing and tension in your communication across the board – verbal, written, website, social media.

We offer a system that will revolutionize the way you talk to your customers, followers and fans. You can grow your base of customers, followers and fans at up to double the rate you are doing now.

Online and off.


Beyond the initial unique messaging of your story, we are available to re-position, course-correct, re-build, and re-launch new versions and visions of your solution, particularly for those versions that need to gain traction fast.

We are also available to create custom presentations, speeches, and other content that supports getting high-voltage response to your project.

pitching coaching for serial tech entrepreneurs
“Ann force-multiplied my game immediately.”

mark4“Ann is a genius at finding the word-levers that produce an immediate emotional reaction. Whatever it is you’re trying to sell, she will look into its soul, and tease out the qualities that make it immediately urgent and greatly desirable.

I don’t say this lightly. In addition to being a serial technology entrepreneur, I’m a published author, so it’s not like I can’t string a sentence together. But Ann force-multiplied my game immediately. I could feel it in the very first meeting we had: within 15 minutes, the words I was using about my product were cleaned, focused, condensed, and made relatable to audiences that weren’t ‘getting it yet. And I came into the meeting thinking what I had was pretty good! And — it was. But it was rough. What I had were jagged idea-bursts, uneven steel.

And Ann forged it into a word-sword. The product I received was exactly what I needed — how to communicate the value of my app in a few short sentences — and make it urgent that you download it. It was a practical deliverable: we’ll be using exactly what she gave us in the iTunes App Store and the various Android stores.”

—Mark Jeffrey
Serial Technology Entrepreneur
CTO/CPO/CEO, www.markjeffrey.biz

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