Presentations for Applause and Clients

Attract more prospects, clients and business the next time you present.

Do you frequently get applause but no clients?

Discover how the Lizard Brain tools can make your entire speech a “secret close” – and no one will know. Find out how to captivate your audience in the first three minutes. Discover how to build momentum, interest and excitement throughout your presentation. Attract new leads, referrals, and clients. Not just applause.

Can you relate to these issues?

  • You’re great at presenting, and you know you could do better
  • You lose them in the first two minutes
  • You never get the sustained interest you need
  • You don’t know how to recapture their interest, if you lose it
  • You give too much information
  • You teach too much
  • They just don’t seem to “get” what you could do for them
  • You get compliments but no clients
  • You’re afraid of appearing salesy

Discover a simple system, based on neuroscience, to captivate your audience and come away with great business leads. Or that contract you’re seeking.

Learn the power of your story, which “sells” them on you. Discover the power of info-tainment. Learn how to drop sound bites into your speech that will plant a desire for your service or product. Discover the power of “changing the temperature in the room” and the remarkable effect it can have on your audience. Let your well-crafted stories sell for you, so you don’t have to.

Attract more prospects, clients and business the next time you present.

We offer a system that will redesign your presentation to bring you the prospects, referrals, and business you’re looking for.

presentations for applause and clients coaching
“This time I had a 75% signup for my offer!”

patrice-b“I was really hesitant about how words were so critical to ‘closing the deal’ and the whole limbic system concept. I thought of it as a bit woo-woo. But I tried Ann’s system in my latest presentation.

Typically I get about a 30-40% response rate at my presentations. This time, I had a 75% signup for the offer.”

—Patrice Barber, 
at Clean Tech Community

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