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Put sizzle in your site.  Drive more leads.  Increase your conversions.

Is your website about you, or your visitor?

  • If you’re a successful business owner or entrepreneur, your website is all about your visitor.
  • And if you haven’t already used the power of a quiz, or your Opt-in isn’t opting for you, consider putting the power of the Lizard Brain to work on your site.

While we are not copywriters, we do understand the power of content that has been crafted to target the reptilian brain. If your site could use some “sizzle,” consider using the techniques that come from targeting the Lizard Brain in your copy.

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This is the second most-read page on your site. Will you recite your credentials, and lay out your menu? Or will you use Lizard Brain techniques to target the exact market you really want?

This is your chance to engage your visitor, to make them curious, engaged, and feel like they know you. This feeling leads to trust, engagement, and more business.


For the right market, quizzes can drive leads and increase conversion. Your visitors like a great quiz because it’s “all about them,” and the right quiz will not only reveal interesting information, it will let them see just how much they need your service.


Mission statements can by highly valuable for the right profession. A good mission statement is not long-winded, high-brow, or full of 5-syllable words. A good “Lizard Brain” mission statement resonates and evokes feelings in your visitors. They stick around longer, because they feel your commitment. They trust you.


The key to a successful online business is a strong list. The right kind of free Opt-In gift can grow your list and create engaged followers. Your Opt-In is as unique as your business. Court your visitors with an Opt-In that speaks directly to their Lizard Brain. They will become your fans and your followers that much faster.

“Ann showed me how to powerfully hook the buying emotions of my target customers.”

steven“After learning Ann’s formula, we experienced a 26% increase in click-throughs online.

In my second business,, my copy intrigued my target customers but didn’t seize their imagination. Ann showed me how to powerfully hook the buying emotions of my target customers. Membership leapt by 86%.”

—Steven Hourston
CEO, Kangaroo Storage, UK – $8M Business

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